Why Your Clients (and You) Will Find Paradise Lost at Yok Ha Island Resort

belize travel island vacation resortsAs a travel professional, you owe it to your clients to recommend destinations and experiences that are so memorable, they turn to you for your wisdom and expertise whenever they travel. Deliver on your promise by introducing couples, families, singles—even business travelers—to a place that’s so private and unique, it’s the very definition of exclusive: Yok Ha Resort (http://www.yokhabelizeresort.com/) in Southern Belize. There’s something for everyone on this lush island, located just eight miles east of Dangriga. Here’s why you can never go wrong when recommending this slice of heaven on Earth to your pickiest clients:

Yok Ha is far from the madding crowd. Just three acres in size, this private island is actually a private world because it’s an intimate enclave of luxury accommodations, yet the services your clients receive are on a par with the biggest hotels in the nation. Even the word “crowds” is barely spoken on this little island.

Yok Ha is therapeutic. Today’s traveler is harried, rushed and impatient, but it’s almost impossible to remain frazzled at Yok Ha because stressors don’t exist. Couples re-connect. Families actually talk to each other. The inner peace travelers find at Yok Ha can’t be replicated elsewhere. “Yok Ha reminded us of a time that existed before man ruined nature,” said guests Rich and Shannon when asked by TripAdvisor to comment on their Yok Ha stay. “It’s a small island that made a big impact on us because we were welcomed with open arms by staff.”

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Yok Ha is gorgeous. Were Belize to hold a beauty contest, this island would win when the crown is awarded. Travel agents tell us that their clients morph from so-so photographers into lens masters because the scenery is spectacular. A turquoise sea hugs the island and beaches are pristine. From secluded cabanas nestled into groves of trees, plants and flowers to Belize Barrier Reef vistas, beauty abounds so much, a TripAdvisor reviewer lamented, “My boyfriend and I stayed six days and our hearts were heavy when we had to leave.”

Yok Ha is delicious. Will your clients be fed properly at Yok Ha? You bet! They’ll have choices that include gourmet food, ethnic specialties and cooked-to-order plates, which is why one delighted couple called us a “fantastic place to get away and unplug with phenomenal food!” when reviewing Yok Ha for TripAdvisor. Said another, “I can’t rave enough about the food! Three meals a day were included in our package and we never went hungry.”

waterfoot caye belize island resortYok Ha spells adventure. Do your clients want tranquility by night and adventure by day? Yok Ha satisfies all requests: Fishing, kayaking, snorkeling, wildlife experiences, Mayan ruins, caves, waterfalls and natural wonders. “Paradise at its finest,” raved a recent visitor to Yok Ha writing for TripAdvisor. “We snorkeled, island hopped and made new friends who shared their amazing photos, but I’d have to say that Julie–who took us on an all-day tubing trip followed by zip lining—treated us to the best excursion ever!”

Yok Ha is cozy and snug. Do your clients complain about being sleep deprived? They’ll change their tune after visiting this peaceful sanctuary. Cabanas are designed for intimacy so the only thing your clients see from their private verandas are the sea and the beach. Suites are decorated with locally-made furnishings and the beds are so comfortable, nobody counts sheep. “I just returned from Yok Ha and it was like visiting paradise,” a traveler wrote on TripAdvisor’s website. “I loved the intimacy and hope it stays that way forever.”

belize island vacationsYok Ha offers affordable Belize vacation packages. You’re in the business of making life simple for travelers, so do them a favor and recommend a package that suits their sensibilities. Tell them about all-inclusive experiences that feature diving-, fishing-, sailing- or land-focused itineraries so everyone gets exactly the vacation they desire. With fewer arrangements to make, your job gets easier and you won’t find resort management that’s easier to work with than ours.

Yok Ha is wedding and honeymoon central. We create unique wedding packages and honeymoon arrangements that are so extraordinary, even modest affairs are bridal magazine-worthy. From making wedding arrangements to reserving the secluded, beachfront cabana designed just for couples–to a long list of extras that run the gamut from romantic, candlelight meals to local air transport–even the pickiest honeymoon couples will thank you for giving them blissful memories at Yok Ha.

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Yok Ha is your ticket to success. As a travel professional, you know that things can get hairy when it comes to getting people to destinations and assuring clients they’ll be properly cared for once they arrive, which is why your decision to recommend Yok Ha doesn’t come lightly. Happily, you can rely upon our accommodations, reputation and desire to give your clients the experience of a lifetime and we’re willing to pull out all stops to do just that. Let us work with you to exceed your clients’ expectations!

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