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Belize is a world class fishing destination thanks to the rich stock of different species that can be caught in the waters offshore this beautiful Central American nation. The area thrives with fish all year round, but some fish migrate in schools during particular seasons. For example, enormous schools of tarpon pass through in late summer, giving fishermen opportunities to haul in prize catches.

Here’s a brief look at some of the fish you can find in Belize and the best times of the year to catch them:

January – When the weather is calm, it’s very possible to see as many as 50-75 tarpon, all within the 20-90 range. Reef fishing is very good to excellent on days with calm weather. This month is great for tarpon and bone fishing.

– Fish are very abundant as long as the wind doesn’t kick up Tarpon is all within the 20-90 pound range. Permit fishing, bone fishing, and tarpon fishing are good but dependent on the weather. Reef fishing is often fantastic during this month.

– When the wind is calm, it’s easy to find plenty of tarpon in the 20-90 pound range. Bonefish is very plentiful this month. Tarpon can be found in lagoons. Reef fishing continues to be excellent. Permit fishing is also starting to pick up.

– Tarpon is very abundant, with most ranging from 40-100 pounds. Bonefish are also very plentiful and tarpon can be found in lagoons. Reef fishing continues to be rewarding, and permit fishing is also good.

– This is the month when fish stocks explode, and fishing is excellent when the wind is calm. Very common to see schools of up to 300 bonefish. Tarpon can be fished on both the reef and the flats. Reef fishing continues to pay off good dividends.

– Bone fishing is very good. Tarpon can be found in large numbers on both the reef and on the flats. Reef fishing continues to be quite rewarding.

– Because the winds are usually calmer, fishing can be quite productive. Bonefish are very plentiful. Most tarpon are now well over 100 pounds, and this is considered the best season to fish for this species. Some of the largest permit fishing occurs during this period of year in conjunction with tarpon migration.

– Tarpon are all very large and becoming quite aggressive. Bonefish likewise are much larger and aggressive. This is an excellent month to fish the big schools of jack crevelle that can be found on the flats. Also a good month for larger permit fishing. Reef fishing is fair to good. When heavy rainfall lands on the mainland, snook can be found in abundance on the flats.

– The flats are loaded with lots of tarpon in the 60-100 pound range. Jack crevelle and bone fishing continue to be quite good. Reef fishing is rated good to excellent during this month.

– When the sun is up, it’s easy to find pletny of bonefish, barracudas, and tarpon in the 40-80 pound range on the flats. On nights with a full moon, grouper and snapper fish swarm to the reef in order to spawn, which makes reef fishing this month good to excellent.


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