Overview of Belize Weather

With a sub-tropical climate and an advantageous location near the equator, Belize is blessed with year-round sun and balmy temperatures. With lots of lush nature and pristine scenery bounding with wildlife, Belize enjoys ample rainfall and even the occasional thunderstorm.

Belize Climate

Situated between Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, Guatemala, and the Caribbean Sea, Belize is located just south of the Tropic of Cancer. This allows Belize to enjoy ample amounts of sun and warm temperatures even when other latitudes have begun to experience the first chills of autumn.

More than a third of Belize is set aside as a national park or protected nature reserve. The abundance of jungle, rainforest, and verdant flora are proof positive that Belize is a well-hydrated country. The relatively high humidity is popular with many visitors for its ability to control allergies, improve skin suppleness, and relieve sinus and congestion issues.

Belize Seasons

Unlike more temperate countries, Belize effectively has two seasons: the dry season and the green season. Neither season is precisely defined, as there are occasional rainstorms during the dry season and long stretches of sunny skies during the green season.

The dry season runs from approximately early November to mid-May. You can expect to see rain showers overnight and in the early morning while breezes bring refreshing relief. The dry season is perfect for exploring isolated Maya ruins in the jungle, canoeing on one of the country’s many pristine rivers, and enjoying the popular cave tubing expeditions.

The dry season is similar to summer in more temperate latitudes, so be sure to bring plenty of sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, and other forms of protection for fair skin. Months like December and January which are very cold elsewhere see little in terms of temperature drops, but there are some nights when snuggling up with a warm jacket or sweatshirt is required. Even during the height of “winter”, you’ll never have to deal with snow, ice, sleet, or blizzards in Belize.

The green season coincides with the low season for tourism, making it an ideal time to visit for budget-conscious travelers and visitors wanting to avoid crowds. Humidity levels are higher during the green season and regular rainfall keeps the rainforests, jungles, and lowlands vibrant and healthy. Despite the name, the sunshine during the green season can still be very strong, so visitors with fair skin are encouraged to maintain normal protection protocols against sunburns and UV damage.

Belize Weather by Month

Belize Weather in January

Falling squarely in the dry season, January sees average daytime highs of around 80F (27C) and nighttime lows around 70F (21C) with plenty of sunshine.

Belize Weather in February

One of the driest months on the calendar, February is a time of abundant sunshine and clear skies. Daytime highs around 80F (27C) and lows around 70F (21C) make February a very pleasant time of year to visit.

Belize Weather in March

The height of the tourism season, March sees lots of clear skies and delicious sunshine. Expect daytime temperatures around 83F (28C) with pleasantly cool nights around 74F (23C).

Belize Weather in April

Expect a slight increase in daytime highs during April, made much more pleasant by the arrival of the “Iguana Rains,” brief showers along the coast that help cut the humidity. Look for temperatures around 85F (29C) during the day and lows of 76F (24C) in the evening.

Belize Weather in May

A transition month, Belize sees early morning showers and occasional late night thunderstorms especially towards the end of the month. Daytime temperatures range from 87F (31C) during the day and a balmy 79F (26C) during the evening.

Belize Weather in June

Warmer temperatures and regular precipitation characterize this month. Daytime highs are around 86F (30C) with nighttime lows around 80F (26C). Rainfall is mostly in the form of short afternoon showers that refresh and rejuvenate the air.

Belize Weather in July

A time of regular rainfall, July is a warm month with average daytime temperatures of 86F (30C) and balmy nights of 79F (26C). Expect some overnight thunderstorms and steady showers in the early morning.

Belize Weather in August

August usually gets a break from the rain during the period known as the “Little Dry” that lasts for a couple of weeks. This month is still quite warm with daytime temperatures averaging 86F (30C) and nighttime lows around 78F (26C).

Belize Weather in September

One of the rainiest months, September sees consistent showers in the early morning hours and overnight mixed with plenty of sunshine. Expect daytime temps of 81F (27C) and lows around 77F (25C).

Belize Weather in October

Steady breezes out of the north keep the heat at bay but also bring steady precipitation. Expect highs of around 84F (29C) and lows of 75F (24C).

Belize Weather in November

A transition month, November sees the rains beginning to taper off along with more moderate temperatures. Look for daytime highs around 82F (28C) and evening lows at an ideal 73F (23C).

Belize Weather in December

The first part of the month often sees steady rainfall but the end of the month sees abundant sunshine with very little precipitation. Daytime highs average 80F (27C) and lows of 71F (22C). Popular activities on Christmas Day (December 25) include swimming and relaxing at beachfront locations during the evening.

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