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Amazing Belize Vacation Deals For The Entire Month of September 2015

When was the last time you were invited to a birthday party, but the host begged you not to shop for gifts because as a guest, you’ll receive gifts instead? Probably never, but as your mother likely told you, “There’s a first time for everything,” so don’t be bashful and say yes to the party–and yes to the gifts, too.

Curious about why this largesse has been bestowed upon you? First, because you live in Belize and you deserve the same kindnesses and special treatment as do tourists, and second, because Yok Ha Belize island resort is eager to share the auspicious occasion of Belize’s 34th birthday with its citizens. That’s why resort party planners have come up with two ways to join the fun.

The first way you can mark the occasion is by checking into a luxurious and spacious seafront cabana outfitted with queen- and king-size beds, air conditioning and comfy hammocks on your porch any time during the month of September. Three delicious meals come with your room as do round-trip boat transfers, free use of recreational equipment, including kayaks and low room rates sure to please…

Spend only $300BZD per night for two—add an extra adult for a $100BZE room sharing fee—and if you’re bringing a child who is under the age of 12, there’s a $50BZD add-on charge, so whether your party is family-only or you’re getting away for R&R, the birthday party starts the moment you arrive.

If you prefer to stay home and in your own bed, you can still get in on the Yok Ha-exclusive birthday celebration by booking tours at rock bottom rates during the month of September. The more people you bring along, the merrier: Invite family, friends, your club or church group on a full-day adventure at Yok Ha that includes boat transfers, a sumptuous island lunch, use of recreational equipment, drinking water and your liquor tab will be rung up at Belizean rates!

To take advantage of these tours, visit the Yok Ha website birthday page http://www.yokhabelizeresort.com/blog/2015/09/celebrate-belizes-birthday-with-these-amazing-discounts/ to see for yourself how terrific per person rates are for these outings: Plan to spend $120BZE per person if there are from four to eight people in your party; invite between nine and 14, and the cost is $100BZE per person.

But the clock is ticking. There are only 30 days in September, and our birthday party specials are getting plenty of inquiries country-wide, so put off making your arrangements and there won’t be a single slice of birthday cake left for you!

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