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More New Flights To Belize!

Although Belize, located below the Yucatan Peninsula, is small in size, it is filled with nature’s wonders and a cultural diversity unlike its much larger Central American neighbors. Its ecosystems include coral reefs, sea grass beds, mangrove swamps, and grassy savannahs. The Maya Mountains, flora and fauna and aqua-blue Caribbean Sea, along with an average […]

Belize is home to many languages

In Belize, the official language used by the government and in schools is English. Much of the population, however, speaks Creole (often spelled Kriol), a distinct dialect that is used by locals for everyday conversations. Being located in Central America, Belize also has a lot of Spanish speakers and Spanish is a mandatory course for […]

Belize tourism numbers keep growing. Now is the time to visit

With multiple direct flights from the United States, an English-speaking population, and some of the most fantastically beautiful scenery in the world, Belize is becoming one of the hottest tourism destinations in the world. Visitors can stay on their own tropical island at resorts like Yok Ha, enjoy amazing scuba diving and snorkeling at the […]

Belizean Food – Typical and Traditional Things To Try in Belize

Traveling in Belize can be a great opportunity to expand your culinary habits and try something deliciously different. Visitors who have been to Mexico, Costa Rica, or other Central American countries might recognize some of the dishes in Belize, but thanks to its unique blend of cultures, food here always has something to surprise you. […]

7 Things to Do in Belize for an Unforgettable Vacation

With an abundance of unspoiled nature, pristine rivers, the remnants of the once-mighty Maya Empire, and one of the most spectacular coastlines in the world, Belize is truly an ideal tropical vacation destination. Just a few hours away from the United States, the small nation of Belize is packed full of amazing adventure options. Below […]