dangriga belize garifuna

Dangriga (meaning Sweet Water), the spiritual center and one of the largest town in Belize, is the Capital of Belize’s Garifuna people. At first glance it may seem slightly ramshackle, a haven for interesting characters and lots of local color. But despite its unusual atmosphere, Dangriga is a dignified and gregarious place. The home of the Garifuna is rich in culture and tradition with a style of hospitality all their own.

Yok Ha Island Resort
The Yok Ha Island Resort is the favorite local vacation destination. It offers a variety of Belize Adventure packages in addition to its proximity to the coastal gem of Dangriga. Enjoy breakfast at Yok Ha before you travel by boat or kayak to Dangriga and begin your exploration of this iconic location.

City of Festival & Art
The festivals, art and unique Latin atmosphere encompass an abundance of attractions for connoisseurs of culture with a taste for adventure. See the Gulisi Garifuna Museum; operated by the National Garifuna Council, it is an excellent place to take an overview of Dangriga’s history and character. Appreciators of the arts will enjoy the Pen Cayetano Studio Gallery, where art abounds and music fills the air. They offer workshops and have numerous displays of local art and crafts. Visit Marie Sharp’s factory where startlingly-hot bottled sauces are made to be enjoyed by families all over Belize. See the studio of local naturalist painter Benjamin Nicholas. Enjoy world-famous wildlife landscapes of the country’s best known painter.

Dangriga Culture
Then take in some of Dangriga’s proudest landmarks beginning with the “Drums of Our Fathers” Monument. Standing in the traffic circle of the town’s main transport station, it expresses the local esteem for the use of percussion-based music and its place in their customs. Its unique bronze depictions of ritual dugu drums and sisir glisten in the sun. And see the statue of Thomas Vincent Ramos, proud founder of this gentle town and visionary of its way of life.

Birthplace of Punta Rock, (a fusion of electric and acoustic sounds within traditional forms), Dangriga is home to many notable artists, musicians and festivals. Dangriga is also a favorite destination for jungle trekking and riverboat travel. It is close and equidistant to the Central Cayes and the Hummingbird and Southern Highways.

The three mile stretch covered by Dangriga and its outlying territories reaches no more than one thousand yards from shore, revealing this coastal city’s longing for the crystal blue Caribbean ocean.