One of the unique vacation options that travelers can choose from when visiting Belize is the ability to stay on their own, privately-owned island. Resorts like Yok Ha exist on small privately-owned islands that are right in the middle of the great Belize Barrier Reef and all the world-class snorkeling, sailing, fishing, and scuba diving.

Enjoy a Belize Vacation on a Private Island

A private island offers much more than uncrowded beaches, a panoramic view of the sea, and tranquil surroundings. A privately-owned island can be an unbeatable destination for family and/or friend group vacations, weddings, and honeymoons. Whether you’re interested in a quiet getaway vacation with one person or want a noisy, happy group gathered together in one place, a privately-owned island resort like Yok Ha is a great choice.

Locally-owned and operated by a Belizean family, Yok Ha is situated on the island of Waterfoot Caye approximately eight miles off the coast of Dangriga in southeastern Belize. The location of the resort makes it an ideal place for vacationers as it is close to both the mainland and the top spots on the Belize Barrier Reef. In addition, Yok Ha provides guests with the complimentary use of sea kayaks, a great way to enjoy the great outdoors and do a little “island hopping.”

The town of Dangriga is the musical and cultural capital of the country where indigenous musical genres like punta rock were invented. Home to a large Garifuna population, Dangriga is a great place to be introduced to the melting pot of different peoples that inhabit Belize. English is the official language of the country, making it easy for visitors to talk to locals, read menus, and get around on their own.

Some of the top attractions close to Yok Ha on the mainland include the enormous Cockscomb Basin Nature Reserve (home to all five of Belize’s big cats, including jaguars), boat tours up the Monkey River to learn more about local flora and fauna (including monkeys, of course), exciting adventure tours like zip lining (sailing on wires through the jungle canopy), cave tubing (floating down underground rivers), and hiking through pristine rainforests.

The Belize Barrier Reef is a UNESCO World Heritage Site divided into seven national parks and protected areas, all of which are just a short distance from Yok Ha. Popular activities include beach barbecues, relaxing in hammocks strung between palm trees, snorkeling, sailing, eating fresh-caught seafood (including lobster), and scuba diving.

If you’ve ever dreamed of what it could be like to stay on a privately-owned island in the Caribbean, book your stay with Yok Ha today.