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Yok Ha is a family friendly Belize Island Resort

If you’ve heard parents complaining about kids who don’t appreciate foreign travel, check their itineraries! Kids don’t want to see museums and cathedrals—they want to have fun, be amazed and entertained. And what better way to plan a kid-focused vacation than by choosing a country known for its wildlife and child-pleasing attractions? Belize will delight your kids so much, they’ll remain on their best behavior, at which point, you get bragging rights when you return home. By the way, if you stay at Yok Ha Island Resort, you’ll be near every one of the adventures we recommend below, so choose your Belize accommodations based on proximity and everyone will have the time of their lives.

Best Family Friendly Activities in Belize

Horseback riding
Belize stable and riding site personnel are used to first-timers, so they will gently introduce your son or daughter to everything from how to sit in the saddle to how to manage the reins. Since Yok Ha Island Resort is in close proximity to Dangriga, you won’t have to go far to delight your child.

Belize Butterfly Farm
How do kids react to butterflies? With amazement, fascination and giggles if given a chance to stand amid a huge gathering of these winged creatures. Take the kids to a Belize butterfly farm and if she happens to absorb a biology lesson during your visit, you don’t have to share that information.

Belize Zoo
If the only cat your child has ever met is the one that keeps jumping up on your furniture, the cats of Belize will be an education. At the Belize Zoo, indigenous cats are on display, but the one likely to fascinate your child the most is the protected jaguar, so be sure to snap pictures when you visit.

Belize Barrier Reef
Ask your youngsters if they’d like to meet some of the most awesome, gigantic turtles on the planet and then book a trip to snorkel the Belize Barrier Reef as soon as you see them nodding their heads. Your little ones can learn snorkeling basics while turtle searching and they may even spot a Manta Ray swimming nearby.

Fishing in Belize
Children who live in large cities often think that the phrase “Go Fish!” describes a card game move, but in Belize, your child can actually go fishing and perhaps even catch one. Your resort hosts can book a day on the sea or a day on the river, depending upon which option you think your child might enjoy most.

Birding Watching in Belize
Guess which nation is the birdwatching capital of Central America? Belize, of course. And while your child likely has no desire to stand still and peer into binoculars all day long, if you hike to waterfalls, explore jungle and rainforests, they can’t help but be impressed by the hundreds of species of birds they’ll spot in the trees.

Mayan Caves
Would we leave this species off our list of animal attractions? No way. Surprise your kids by taking them deep into a creepy cave on a cave tubing adventure where human skeletal remains are on display. Ask your Yok Ha travel team to set you up on this tour and prepare to be amazed when you catch glimpses of your child in a state of wonder.

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