belize scuba divingThe Belize Barrier Reef is one of the most beautiful and majestic underwater locations in the entire world. Every year, tourists from across the globe enjoy Belize scuba diving trips as they explore the natural wonder-world of the Reef.

With so many scuba diving sites to choose from, you can explore these waters a hundred times and never run out of beautiful and amazing places to dive in and around the Barrier Reef.

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In case your fins and mask aren’t already packed, here are some more facts about Belize scuba diving that will tempt you to come swim these gorgeous waters:

Miles of Coral Reef – The Belize Barrier Reef is the second biggest barrier reef in the entire world, behind only Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, and is the largest barrier reef in the northern hemisphere. While many tourists flock to a Belize scuba diving package in and around the Northern Cayes, savvy divers know that Southern Belize is far less crowded and yet features some of the richest dive sites on the planet.

Belize Whale Sharks – These large predators are known to migrate through the waters of southern Belize, threading their way through the Sapodilla Cayes until they arrive at Gladden Spit, where observant visitors can watch them gorging on young snappers. March through June is prime whale shark watching season at Gladden Spit, and shark enthusiasts can enjoy the truly unique experience of swimming with whale sharks in the Sapodilla Cayes.

Paradise – Ask anyone around the world to close their eyes and conjure up images of paradise and the picture they’ll see is everyday reality in Southern Belize, where a string of gorgeous tropical islands and lush coral cayes are surrounded by pristine coral reefs.

Ahoy for Diving Adventures! – All divers visiting Belize have been granted permission to hunt Lionfish, a species that is not indigenous to the Caribbean. Since these voracious creatures regularly prey on important local species, experts have been warning that the consequences could potentially be disastrous for the coral reefs. Southern Belize scuba diving excursions participants should ask their dive operators for spear guns and other weapons to help wage war against this highly invasive fish.

Yok Ha Island Resort – located on the unspoiled beauty of Water Foot Caye, this gorgeous Belize scuba diving resort offers unparalleled access to the Southern Barrier Reef. Yok Ha is regularly voted one of the most beautiful Belize island resorts in the country.

belize island resorts yok ha at waterfoot island belize

Water Foot Caye is a private island located just eight miles of Dangriga in Southern Belize, and is the home of the gorgeous Yok Ha Island Resort that has five deluxe cabanas situated on three acres of unspoiled natural beauty. Yok Ha has its own restaurant on-site, offering visitors top-quality meals at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, while the bar serves up cold beer and cocktails on a deck that features a spectacular view of the pristine Belize Barrier Reef.

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Water Foot Caye is also an ideal destination for flats fishing as many fishing guides from Ambergris Caye and Placencia visit the area for superb fishing experiences.

Experienced divers from all over the world come to enjoy Belize scuba diving in and around the remarkable Barrier Reef. In between dives, they can relax and enjoy themselves at the top-Belize island resort of Yok Ha or just take in the unspoiled vistas of the waves crashing in on the beach.