It may seem strange to locate a gift shop on a small island in the middle of the Caribbean, but Yok Ha’s gift shop makes it easy to find that special memento of your time in Belize.

Named Jade Giftshop, the shop has a wide variety of authentic souvenirs from Belize, including a full array of Marie Sharp’s famous hot sauces, T-shirts, stickers, snacks, bottles of domestic rum, bath and beauty products, and much more. And who can return home from a trip to Belize without the obligatory T-shirt, coffee cup, or sticker declaring that they had an “un-Belize-able” time in the country?

Jade Giftshop also sells handmade souvenirs produced by local artists, including jewelry, T-shirts, candies, cookies, cards, and clothing. These handmade souvenirs not only look great but proceeds go towards supporting local artists.

Whether you’re buying gifts for loved ones back home who couldn’t make the trip or for yourself in order to memorialize all the fun you had in Belize, Jade Giftshop at Yok Ha has everything you need.