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Belize jungles and rainforests are home to one of the largest populations of Howler Monkeys in the Western Hemisphere, and if you’re in the middle of wedding planning, you might feel like joining them. Crazy relatives, skyrocketing flower bills and reception rates pricey enough to support a third world nation threaten to turn what should be the happiest day of your life into a nightmare as you both morph into Bridezilla and Groomzilla!

Declare your freedom, eliminate the stress and enjoy every aspect of your wedding and honeymoon by heading instead to Belize—and specifically Yok Ha Resort (—where you’ll make memories rather than ulcers! This Southern Belize island stretches across just three acres filled with lush green oases, pristine beaches and the spectacular Belize Barrier Reef.

“Our hearts were heavy when we had to leave,” wrote honeymooners on the website. We can’t count the number of other couples who share those heartfelt sentiments!

beach weddings belize
Why Belize? Because it’s paradise on earth, minus huge crowds, expensive accommodations and travel difficulties found when booking other destination weddings. Direct flights from the U.S. and Canada are so quick, you might not have to re-set your watch, and you can avoid heart-stopping prices found elsewhere in Central America because English-speaking Belize is simply more affordable.

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Plan your wedding during the green season (June to October) and receive even more price breaks! Wedding packages include beachfront ceremonies, secluded lodgings (think beachfront cabanas designed to shut out the world), candlelight meals and amenities that make even jaded wedding planners swoon with pleasure.

Belize has it all: beauty, privacy, romance; it’s a place you and your wedding party can spread out, have fun and celebrate your nuptials in style. Once you wave goodbye to your guests, enjoy seclusion and privacy at Yok Ha Island Resort to continue your celebration within your luxe honeymoon cabana.

belize wedding

Of course, you two may like a bit of adventure when you vacation, so stretch out your time in Belize during your honeymoon by visiting world-class Mayan ruins. Go scuba diving, sailing, fishing, snorkeling and undertake jungle and rainforest explorations and ecological wonders. Guided tours run the gamut from adventure to tranquility and the longer you stay, the more convinced you will be that you simply must return to Belize again and again.

By the way, Yok Ha staffers are pros at ceremony planning, scheduling day trips and they’re happy to help you get your marriage license. Residency requirements? Just three days for most couples, but Belize gives you the wedding gift of fast turnaround: pay an extra fee to get a Special License that allows any couple over the age of 18, bearing proper identification (original birth certificates, passports, etc.), to marry in just 24 hours.

Tie the knot at Yok Ha and the resort can even provide witnesses and an officiant. Dare we mention a divine wedding cake, too? After all, nothing’s sweeter than a Belize wedding and honeymoon—especially in summer when everything’s in bloom except your budget!