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Belize Should Be Your next Fishing Destination

Anglers from all over the world come to southern Belize to ply the game-rich waters off the coast of this Central American tropical paradise. Just a few miles offshore lies the amazing Belize Barrier Reef, the second-largest coral reef in the world. Thousands of species take shelter and hunt amongst the coral and nearby atolls, making these waters the perfect place for sports fishermen to try their luck at landing a trophy fish or achieving the coveted “Grand Slam”.

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Sports fishing opportunities in Belize include:

  • Permit Fish – Found throughout the year, permit are more abundant during conditions of prevailing winds, with winter and spring being especially good times to find this prized fish. Many world-class anglers consider Belize to be the permit capital of the world.
  • Bonefish – Thanks to the abundance of feeding opportunities, bonefish are abundant throughout the year in Belize. Bonefish can be fished both in the lagoons and saltwater flats of the offshore atolls.
  • Tarpon – Huge schools of tarpon migrate through the waters offshore of Belize, with increased numbers in April and May and running through the end of September into October. One of the most challenging of saltwater fly-fishing gamefish to land, tarpon can easily grow as large as 90 pounds, with some trophy specimens as large as 150 pounds or more.
  • Snapper – Making its home along the Belize Barrier Reef, snapper are a popular sports fish that are also delicious to eat. Wading anglers can land these fish using poppers or casting deceiver patterns in the surf.
  • Barracuda – Found in abundance throughout the year, barracuda are another popular sports fish drawing anglers from around the world to Belize.
  • Grouper – Another fish that can be found near the Belize Reef, grouper are popular targets for amateur and professional fisherman alike.
  • Snook – Snook make their home in the creeks and lagoons of the atolls and offshore islands of Belize, and are present in large numbers throughout the year.

The Best Fishing Resort in Belize

belize fishing resorts

Located on a private 3-acre island off the coast of Dangriga in southern Belize, Yok Ha Resort on Waterfoot Caye is the resort of choice for anglers wanting convenient access to the richest fishing waters in the country.

The resort at Yok Ha features five richly-appointed cabanas with plenty of privacy and gorgeous seaside views. A top-quality restaurant is on site, serving up gourmet meals and delicious snacks. After a long day fishing the rich waters, visitors can relax on the resort’s deck overlooking the water and enjoy a beer or cocktail from the bar.

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