Nothing whets the appetite quite like a fun-filled day exploring all of the wonderful attractions in Belize.

Chief’s Place, named for the father of Wilfred Pascascio, the man who founded Yok Ha along with his wife, serves up three courses of mouthwatering dishes every day. Ranging from classic Caribbean dishes like rice and beans to more exotic fare like hudut (a fish stew made from coconuts), Chief’s Place serves up hearty portions of delicious food. And, of course, there are also familiar staples like steaks and burgers too.

And nothing goes better with a delicious meal than a refreshing drink. Chief’s Place is fully stocked with domestic beers (including stouts, lagers, and ales) as well as a selection of Belizean rum, including One Barrel Rum, the essential ingredient for a delicious Caribbean cocktail. Chief’s Place also serves up non-alcoholic drinks, including fresh-squeezed orange juice, watermelon juice, lime juice, and a medley of fruit punches and smoothies.

And there’s no better place to enjoy all the good food and drinks served up by Chief’s Place than right on the beach, admiring a panoramic view of the surrounding Caribbean. Chief’s Place is built on a wooden deck that sits over the water, allowing diners to enjoy an unobstructed view of the reef.

All meals at Chief’s Place are made to order, and special dietary needs can easily be accommodated, including vegetarian and gluten-free meals.